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Upholstery Cleaning

Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is fully certified by the IICRC in upholstery cleaning.  We are known for our training and experience in upholstery care in the Pioneer Valley.

Starting with a complete inspection, our professional technicians will establish the best cleaning plan for your unique needs. If you want your fabrics to maintain a lasting beauty .

From a light stains to heavy cleaning, our twelve step cleaning process is designed to make your furniture look as new as possible. Our certified technicians can handle all kinds of fabrics including the most fragile of upholstery.

1.  Pre-Inspection
We’ll begin by identifying what types of fabric we’ll be servicing. This will help us select the appropriate products and procedures to utilize for your unique needs. We’ll also identify any problem areas or stains.

2.  Area Preparation
We begin by priming the areas surrounding your upholstery to ensure that they are shielded from harm’s way.

3.   Pre-Vacuum
Next we’ll thoroughly vacuum all fabrics to remove any loose particles or debris that well hinder the cleaning process.

4.  Pre-Treat
We then commence with using the unique solution that we’ve selected for your specific fabrics and stains.  The solution that we will use will break down any soiling or stains.

5.  Pre-Spot
Our next step will be to apply special attention and treatment to problem areas to ensure successful removal.

6.  Pre-Groom
We’ll then groom your upholstery using gentle fabric brushes which separates soil from cracks and crevices.

7.  Soil Rinse and Removal
Your upholstery stains and soils will then be carefully extracted with a light rinse.

8.  Neutralize
In order to leave your upholstery feeling soft and new, we’ll apply a solution to balance the pH levels.

9.  Post Spotting
Any stubborn stains will then receive an alternative treatment from advance spotting agents. If you would like to lengthen your fabric’s life and ensure that it stays looking new and fresh, apply fabric protectant.

10.  Post Groom
To prepare for the next step, we’ll then softly comb your upholstery in the post grooming process.

11.  Speed Dry
We’ll make sure that the drying process is sped up by using our high velocity drying equipment.

12: Post Service Inspection
Our certified technician will conclude by surveying our cleaning results with you which will meet or pass your expectations.

upholstery cleaning
upholstery cleaning

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