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Carpet Cleaning Services

Let’s face it; the thought of cleaning your carpets isn’t one that brings a lot of enthusiasm. At Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we know how you feel.

Our goal is to make this process as painless and hassle free as possible. Our aim is to take care of your needs with minimal interruption to your daily schedule.

Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has enjoyed a solid Reputationsince 1986.  The Pioneer Valley’s most trusted Interior Designers, Carpet Stores, and Realtors refer us to their clients.

We are called upon by insurance companies and other selective firms that need reliable, efficient service performed with integrity. Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has a Track Record of cleaning all kinds of carpet and fabric, as well as every soiling problem that can happen. We take Training seriously and we are certified by the IICRC which is the world’s most renown body of certification for the industry.

Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration’s Techniques always utilize the latest technology to ensure a hassle free experience. Most importantly, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We at Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, professionalism, and value. Should we fall short for any reason, and fail in our efforts to correct any problems to your satisfaction, we will issue a full refund..

Through these five values and our thorough twelve step cleaning process, our goal is to Provide Exceptional, Reliable Service in a Professional, Respectable Manner at a Fair, Honest Price.  

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We frequently get three questions from our clients that we’d like to address.

Think about it, you have a young child walking around with a cup full of grape juice, you battle with allergies, your kids forget to take their shoes off after coming inside, or you just grew your family by bringing home a puppy or kitten.  The answer to this question is as unique as these scenarios. The general consensus is that a carpet should be serviced at a recurring period between twelve and eighteen months.

You’ve probably already found out with other services that you’ve used that there can be quite a difference between your options.  Carpet Cleaners can range from a one man operation running everything from a vehicle to the franchises that sacrifice quality and service just to ensure that you have the lowest price.

You should be conscious of five factors that seperate carpet care specialists from here today but gone tomorrow carpet cleaning companies.  Those factors are ReputationTrack RecordTrainingTechniques, and Guarantee.  Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration employs a twelve step cleaning process for optimum soil and spot removal.  We achieve this without leaving your carpets soggy or with a sticky residue and strive to return your carpets to an “as new” condition.


We are happy to provide a free estimate and discuss a time that best fits your schedule. Click on the button to get your free estimate now!