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Tile & Grout Cleaning

You can spend hours of your precious time when you clean your vinyl, ceramic, asbestos or asphalt tile. The challenge is that your labor may not yield the results that you’d want in return for the time that you’ve invested.

Let Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration make short work of your tile cleaning needs as we utilize safe products that will restore your tile to looking as new as possible.  We achieve this by removing layers of old, embedded wax that build up and rob your floor or wall tile of that desirable sparkly finish.  We then apply multiple layers of sealer to give you that “as new” shine.  If your tile grout requires sealing, or if you have a few pieces of tile that are chipped or broken and need to be replaced, we can perform those repairs too.

Our Tile and Grout Servicing Process:

We will diagnose any problem areas and let you know our plan of action to service your needs.

Area Preparation:
Our technicians will make the areas adjacent to the tile ready.  We’ll take special care to protect any carpet or hardwood floors from unintended damage.  All furniture within the serviceable area will be removed.

Dry soil removal:
We’ll then sweep and vacuum your tile and grout which ensures optimum cleaning.

Utilizing the best cleaning solution available to us, our technicians will spray your tile and grout.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:
We’ll then hone in on the most difficult traffic lanes on your tile and grout manually with a rotating brush.  We’ll then follow up with a thorough cleaning from our advanced pressure cleaning system.

Anti-Bacterial Rinsing:
While cleaning your tile and grout, a solution is pumped through the pressure cleaning system which restores the pH of your tile and grout to 7.  Another benefit of this rinse is that it kills any harmful bacteria or pathogens attached to the floor giving you a clean beyond what you can see.

Floor Sealant and/or Finishing:
Our technicians will then utilize a seal or finish that is best for the individual needs of your tile and grout.  If your grout needs special coloring, this is performed before we finish or seal the floor.

Service Review:
We’ll finish up by walking you through and sharing out results with you while answering any of your questions.

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Ceramic Tile & Grout
Ceramic Tile & Grout
Pavers Cleaned
Pavers Cleaned
Terracotta Tile Cleaned
Terracotta Tile Cleaned

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