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Mold Remediation

Reputation – Referred by adjusters/property managers.
Experience – A combined 100 plus years experience.
Education – Continuing education thru the IICRC.

Systems – 12 step systems insure all contaminates are eliminated. Done under IICRC S520 standards

  • Pre-Inspection-Inspection of home or business for visual evidence of mold and conditions that create environments conducive to mold growth
  • Containment-Containing the work area to keep microbes from migrating to other areas of home or business
  • Filtering- HEPA filtered air scrubbers are used to clean air while work is done in addition to removing particulates
  • P.P.E.- All employees use personal protective equipment when handling mold remediation jobs
  • Removal- All porous contaminated materials are removed from property in enclosed bags/ containers
  • Disposal- All debris is properly and safely disposed
  • Cleaning- All remaining surfaces are cleaned with HEPA vacuum systems and wire brushes/ sanding to remove mold spores
  • Decontamination- All areas including containment are HEPA vacuumed and cleaned to remove residual mold spores in the decontamination process
  • ¬≠Antimicrobial- Antimicrobial application is used on all surfaces that have been decontaminated
  • Sealing- Sealant applied to areas as needed basis discussed through inspection
  • Post- Inspection-Job site will be post inspected upon completion (preferred walk through with client)
  • Testing- Mold post testing can be done upon request if need be by an independent IAQ or company

Guarantee – As part of our system each job is inspected at the end to insure complete elimination. Customers are encouraged to walk thru to point out all areas that were remediated.

mold cleanup
mold remediation

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