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Carpet Protectant

Enhance your Carpet Cleaning and Fabric Cleaning Program with 3M Scotchgard® Fiber and Fabric Protection.

This product ensures that you are fully protected against re-staining and the re-soiling of your fabric or carpets.  We utilize 3M Scotchgard® for two reasons:
  1. A dye blocking ingredient that makes it impossible for stains/dyes to attach to fibers
  2. A dry soil resistant which repels dirt which results in your vacuum picking up more and your carpets and fabrics looking cleaning

Scotchgard®  can be administered to just about any furniture fabric along with sensitive fibers like silk. It doesn’t matter if your furniture is new or freshly serviced – we can protect furniture in any situation. The ingredients used in 3M Scotchgard® will not leave any residue or watermarks on your delicate fabrics and will not leave any trace.

There are two things that break down your protectant:

Foot Traffic.

Depending on your flow of traffic, it can take six months to two years for your protectant to need to be reapplied.

Cleaning Solutions.

Whether you are using consumer grade cleaners or you have your carpet serviced with high alkaline solution, an uninformed decision can destroy your carpet cleaning application. using products without being informed

Why You Need Carpet Protectant:

Reduce Permanent Stains

It just takes one accident to destroy a beautiful carpet. A carpet without protection absorbs stains.  The repellant in carpet protectant gives  you time to remove harmful liquids before they seep into fabric.

Keep High Traffic Areas Looking New.

The soil that builds up in high traffic areas acts a lot like sandpaper. This causes un-reversible damage to your carpet fibers. By applying 3M Scotchgard® you ensure that the dirt will be removed from carpet pile giving you a cleaner look.

Better Ongoing Cleaning Results.

Protector will work actively to ensure that you get better results the next time you get professional service on your carpets and furniture.

Saving You Money.

You can remove the stains and soiling that would normally require professional service and your carpet and furniture will look better for longer periods if it is protected with 3M Scotchgard®

before Scotchgard
after Scotchgard

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